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Willow Dental Care Chilliwack

Located in the heart of Chilliwack downtown, they are in Salish Plaza right across from the Price Smart. Shop and drop the kids off to visit the dentist at the same time.. If fear and anxiety have kept you from visiting the dentist, Chilliwack dentistry with Dr Eslami and Dr Loewen may be the solution you’re looking for.

At Willow Dental Care – Chilliwack we have helped many patients correct years of oral neglect in just one or two dental appointments.

We take your concerns seriously and we’re here to help by providing a range of  options that will help you to relax completely and float through your dental appointments. Don’t put off the important dental care you need because of a dental phobia. Call now for an appointment for Chilliwack dentistry or just fill out our simple online form. Please don’t hesitate to contact Willow Dental Care – Chilliwack if you have any questions. We can help restore your healthy smile and we look forward to speaking with you!

Just call our friendly staff at (604) 792-6999 or stop in to arrange for a consultation. We’ll be happy to discuss the many affordable options available to meet your dental needs.

Dr. Nikoo Eslami, General Dentist

Dr. Nikoo Eslami, General Dentist, received his degree of Doctor of Dental Medicine from The University of British Columbia. Dr. Nikoo believes in providing his patients with the most minimally invasive techniques which best addresses their concerns and oral health needs. His philosophy is to educate each patient on their dental health, working with them to come up with the best treatment plan possible for their specific needs. Most importantly, he strides to treat every patient like family with honesty, respect and compassion.

When he is not seeing patients, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, cooking and listening to music.

Dr. Sareh Shafaei, General Dentist

Dr. Sareh Shafaei (Dr. Sareh), General Dentist, obtained her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Dalhousie University. She is currently a member of the Canadian Dental Association and the British Columbia Dental Association.

Dr. Sareh enjoys all aspects of dentistry and her main focus as a dentist is to help educate her patients to improve their oral health. She believes every patient deserves the best dental care treatment and has the right to be proud of their smile and teeth.

Dr. Sareh is married and has two girls. Outside of dentistry, although she enjoys exercising and reading, she mostly loves spending time with her husband and kids.

Willow Dental Care Chilliwack is proudly owned by Dr. Amin Shivji

About the Willow Dental Care Network

Willow Dental Care has been around for close to 25 years (but with combined dental experience of almost 100 years).

Each Willow Dental Care office is staffed with highly trained dentists. But what Willow Dental Care is really proud of is our training in client service. We understand that going to the dentist isn’t the most enjoyable activity on your to do list. But our staff is trained to make the experience as calm and relaxing as possible. How about an office that truly listens to your past experiences or how sensitive your teeth really are? Imagine someone who understands that you can’t stand something in your mouth or that you just don’t freeze well. Whether you simply just don’t enjoy going to the dentist, or you truly fear the experience, Willow Dental Care has got your back.

Willow Dental Care offers telephone consultations, so that you will be fully prepared as what to expect when you come in for an appointment. If your fear, or your child’s fear is overwhelming, all our offices are fully certified and trained in Conscious Sedation with pre and post appointment support.

As general dental offices that offer all the range of family and cosmetic services having a happy safe environment is always a better choice. This is good news for high fear patients but also good news for everyone in the family.

Now you can chose a Willow Dental Care office in Chilliwack, Abbotsford or Langley.