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Dental Hygiene Appointments in Chilliwack, BC

Dental scaling is a routine dental procedure that is recommended to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Most patients combine their annual check-ups with an appointment with their dental hygienist to remove built-up tartar that has settled above and below the gum line.

Your hygienist is an important source of education about how to brush and floss your teeth properly. While examining any tartar build-up, your hygienist can advise which areas require more care when brushing.

What to Expect at The Appointment

Your dental hygienist will take your x-rays before starting the dental scaling procedure. Scaling is usually billed in 15-minute increments, referred to as one unit of scaling. The length of your appointment will vary depending on the amount of tartar build-up. While regular brushing and flossing will help to reduce any significant build-up, it may not catch everything. Build-up below the gum line is difficult to detect and requires the expertise of your dental professional.

How Often Should I Get My Teeth Cleaned?

We recommend getting your teeth cleaned at least once a year, along with your routine oral exam. This allows us to properly maintain the oral cavity and prevent any heavy accumulation of tartar. Regular cleanings are better, as old tartar tends to harden and become calculus which is much more difficult to remove. Heavy build-up can also result in gum disease, which can affect the integrity of your teeth and gums.

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